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Music Department Online Audition Requirements

The Music Department is looking for students with a passion for Music.  Students will demonstrate their musical skills and tell us about their passion.

The SDSCPA Music department is composed of four (4) areas of study.

Choose one of those areas to audition for below.

Musicians who audition for and are accepted into Jazz will also perform with the Concert Band or Orchestra, depending on the instrument they play.


Areas of assessment will include:

  • Tone Quality

  • Rhythm

  • Notes and Pitch

  • Dynamics

  • Expression and Style

  • Posture, Deportment, and Stage Presence

  • Ability to receive feedback/constructive criticism (In-Person Audition Only)


Please upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo.

If you use YouTube, please upload the video as Unlisted to protect your student’s privacy. 

If you use Vimeo, please secure it with a password.  We will need access to this password to view your submission.

Please click here to return to the application page:

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