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In addition to the general music requirements, please prepare and include the following in your audition video.


1. Required scales and arpeggios for your instrument (see below.)

2. Prepared solo piece for your instrument

Scales and Arpeggios

     All instruments prepare and play the following scales AND arpeggios:​

  • C Major

  • D Major

  • A Major

  • B♭ Major

  • Melodic Minor

     Prepare each scale/arpeggio slowly as half-notes with separate bows ​at a tempo of 76bpm.  You will play

     each scale/arpeggio TWICE.  Slow (half notes with full bow), and Faster (quarter notes slurring 2 per bow).

     Play the number of octaves you are comfortable with.

     Sheet Music Resources for one and two octave scales can be found here: 

Prepared Solo Piece

     Please prepare no more than 2 minutes of a solo piece of your choosing written for your instrument. 

     Solos should demonstrate your best technical and musical skills.  You may choose one solo from the PDFs

     linked below or you may choose your own piece of similar level.  There are three options of various skill 

     and musical levels.  If you are choosing a solo not listed here, please be prepared to upload a PDF of your

     sheet music to accompany your audition video.

     Please click the link to view the solo options available: