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To apply to SDSCPA Music with an Emphasis in Orchestra:

Please submit an audition video.  Your video should not exceed 5 minutes in length, should be recent (within one month of submission,) and must include the following components:

Your audition submission should include the following:

  1. Introduction of yourself. 

  • First and Last name, age, grade that you are auditioning into?​

  • Why do you want to attend SDSCPA?


    2. Please prepare and perform BOTH of the following in your audition video:

  • A short musical selection of your choice, demonstrating your highest level of playing.

  • You must upload a copy of your music or show it to the camera for ten (10) seconds so we can read along with what you are playing.​


    3. The musical excerpt provided for your instrument. 


Instruments included in the Orchestra program:

To find video upload instructions to submit the online audition, return to the Main Music page.

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