In addition to the general music requirements, please prepare and include the following in your audition video.

1. Required scales/rudiments for your instrument (see below)

2. One selection demonstrating your fast, technical playing

3. One selection demonstrating your slow, expressive playing


  1. All students should be able to play the concert B♭, F, and E♭ Major scales. 

       Percussionists should be able to play them on piano, keyboard, or mallet instrument (bells, xylophone,

       marimba, etc.)​

  • Play each scale at a steady tempo of your choosing.

  • Play each scale two octaves if you can.

   2. Percussionists should be able to demonstrate the following rudiments on snare drum (or practice pad).

  • Single Stroke Roll

  • Double Stroke Roll

  • Flam

  • Paradiddle

NOTE: For percussion rudiments, perform each one slow to fast nd then back to slow again.  Only play them as fast as you can while​ maintaining relaxed, controlled sound. (15 - 20 seconds for each.)


  1. You may choose your own short selections to play for your audition.  Prepare two contrasting selections: one fast, one slow.  Each selection should be approximately one minute in length.  These should be selections from solo repertoire; not from a full band concert song.

       Percussion: Prepare two selections - one on snare drum and one on piano/keyboard/mallets.​