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The Visual Arts Department is looking for students who are interested in the visual arts.  Students may demonstrate a talent in one medium or a variety of media. Students are asked to bring a labeled portfolio or any type of carrying case containing 6 to 10 original artworks.  Students will submit their portfolio to the Visual Arts staff.  The portfolio will be reviewed while student takes the drawing audition.  All artworks will go home with the student following the audition. 
How To Prepare For The Audition*
Choose and/or complete works of art for your portfolio.  The portfolio should include: 
 1.  Presentation
  • A minimum of 6-10 ORIGINAL PIECES (Copies or tracings of well-known cartoons do not clearly show students artistic ability therefore copyrighted works are not acceptable)
  • Slides or photographs are acceptable for three-dimensional and/or over-sized pieces
  • Neatness of presentation is important – artwork must appear without unnecessary marks, smudges, ragged edges or folds. Work should be organized in some type of portfolio.
  • 2-dimensional work (drawings, paintings, collages, photographs, etc.) does not have to be matted
  • Student’s name and grade should be neatly printed on the back of all artwork
2.  Subjects
Portfolio must include at least:
  • One self-portrait done from direct observation (not from a photograph)
  • One other work from direct observation
  • At least four of your best works
3.  Media
  • Include works done in a wide variety of media and approaches (graphite pencil, color pencil, ink, charcoal, watercolor, tempera, acrylic, collagé, papier maché, clay, digital/computer art, etc)
In addition, candidates should practice drawing still life set-ups with a drawing pencil. It is recommended to include light source, value changes, show depth, correct proportion and texture.
What To Bring To The Audition
Your Portfolio!  It will be reviewed while you are drawing your still life set-up in another room.
What To Expect During The Audition
  • Students will audition in groups of ten to fifteen. 
  • Students will place their portfolio in a layout position in one room then take a seat in the art studio to draw the still life set-up.
  • Paper, drawing pencil and erasers will be provided for the 30-minute still life audition.
  • After 30 minutes the drawings will be collected
The audition will include: 
  • Presentation of Portfolio
  • Still life drawing
Students will be evaluated individually.  Areas of assessment will include:
  • Portfolio (Variety of Media, Quality, Originality, Craftsmanship)
  • Still life drawing (Composition, Handling of Media/Line Quality, Realistic Rendering)
  • Students will be asked which visual arts track they are interested in (photo, 2D, 3D)
* Students interested in the Photography program must still participate in the still life drawing portion of the audition, and should base their photographic portfolios on the requirements listed above. 


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