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Visual Arts & Photo Online Audition Requirements

The Visual and Media Arts Department is looking for students interested in the Visual Arts and Photography.  Students may demonstrate a talent in one medium or a variety of mediums.

To apply to the SDSCPA Visual and Media Art Department, please submit 6 - 10 photographs of your most recent original artworks for your portfolio.

The portfolio should include:
1. Presentation
  • Minimum of 6-10 ORIGINAL PIECES

  • Slides or photographs are acceptable for three-dimensional and/or over-sized pieces

  • Neatness of presentation is important – artwork must appear without unnecessary marks, smudges, ragged edges or folds.

  • 2-dimensional work does not have to be matted

2. Subjects
  • Portfolio must include at least:

  • One self-portrait

  • One other work from direct observation

  • At least four of your best works.

3. Media
  • If submitting to Fine Arts Program: Include works done in a wide variety of media and approaches (graphite pencil, colored pencil, ink, charcoal, watercolor, tempera, acrylic, collage, papier maché, clay, digital/computer art, photography etc). 

  • If submitting to Photography Program: Include photographs you find unique and interesting.  Some portfolio submissions can include other medias to showcase skills related to design such as a magazine cover design.  

These example art pieces follow the Portfolio Requirement Guidelines outlined above and would score excellently in the Assessment Criteria Rubric  (Variety of media, Quality, Originality and Craftsmanship). Please note that these examples are meant to guide you in your portfolio submission.  


The quality of these works show excellent use of the materials and practice with the art forms.  Please consider submitting your most recent, highest quality work for submission but do not be discouraged from submitting your work. We invite ALL applicants and are excited to further the art education, training, practice and experiences of all new incoming students to the SDSCPA Visual and Media Art Department’s Fine Art Program. Your portfolio DOES NOT need to look exactly like this and should showcase YOUR best skills and interests.


























































Areas of assessment will include:

Portfolio (Variety of Media, Quality, Originality, Craftsmanship)

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