Technical Theatre is a broad classification that encompasses all the skills and characteristics that support, enhance, and enrich the other performing arts fields.  From hanging lights to building sets to fitting costumes, students of Technical Theatre learn rewarding skills that apply to a variety of fields.  We are looking for students that show an interest and/or aptitude in one or more of the areas of technical theatre who also exhibit commitment and dedication to seeing projects through to completion.  Areas of interest may include: Set construction/design, Electrical work/Lighting design, Costume craft/design, Sound engineering/design, Projections, or other applicable field of interest. 


How To Prepare For The Audition

Students are required to prepare a portfolio exhibit and explain a design they have made using their medium.  This design can be developed specifically for the audition.    This may include sketches, lighting design, drafting, photographs of designs, programs (both designed by the student and including any work credits the student may have), models and/or costumes.  The portfolio demonstrates your interest in the field.  Students are not expected to have had prior experience.   


Research some of the tools and/or techniques that may be used in your area of interest and be prepared to discuss them. 


Think about why you are interested in working behind the scenes, be ready to share your thoughts with the panelists.


What To Bring To The Audition

Your portfolio/exhibit


What To Expect During The Audition

 The audition will include: 

  • Presentation of portfolio/exhibit

  • A panel review  wherein they will answer questions and/or offer answers that cover, but are not limited to, the following information: 

  1. Specific area(s) of interest.  For example, Set construction/design, Electrical work/Lighting design, Costume craft/design, Sound engineering/design, projections, or other applicable field of interest

  2. Reasons for choosing Technical Theatre

  3. Experience with the tools and techniques involved in Technical Theatre

  4. Experience in clubs, club activities, student governments, or other extracurricular activities

  5. Practical experience, if any. 


Students will be evaluated individually.  Areas of assessment will include:

  • Interest

  • Experience

  • Portfolio

  • Ability to receive feedback/constructive criticism


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