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Middle School Creative Writing Audition Requirements

The Creative Writing Department is looking for middle school students with a passion for reading and writing.  We want students who want to use their voices to tell their stories and share their ideas.

To apply to the SDSCPA Middle School Creative Writing Department:

Submit an Introduction (can be on video or in writing) and samples of writing you have done that shows us your passion for storytelling!  Your introduction must include the following components: 

Introduction (Can be on video or in writing)

​     1. Please introduce yourself.  Include:

  • Your first and last name

  • The grade you will be entering in the Fall

  • Why are you interested in attending SDSCPA?


     2. Answer the following questions:

  1. Why do you want to be a Creative Writing Major?

  2. Why do you love reading and writing?

     3. Show us some samples of your writing!

Have you written a story you really like?  Do you have a script or a poem you are really proud of?  Do you write lyrics to songs?  Do you have a report for school you worked hard on?  We would love to see it!

Students will be evaluated individually.  Areas of assessment will include:

  • Creativity

  • Passion


Please upload your Creative Writing portfolio pieces to a Google Drive or DropBox Folder.  Ensure the settings on your portfolio folder are set so that Anyone with the Link can view the contents.

Please click here to return to the application page: 

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