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Technical Theatre Online Audition Requirements

SDSCPA is looking for students who have an interest and passion for Tech.  Areas of interest may include Costume Design and construction, Set Design and construction, Props, Stage Management, Electrical and Lighting Design, Sound Design and Engineering, Projections, or other applicable fields of interest.  

To apply to the SDSCPA Technical Theatre program:


  1. Please share your portfolio exhibit (3-5 pieces) which may include sketches, photos or models of sets, costumes, props, lighting designs, sound charts, script work, or other work demonstrating your area(s) of interest.  Pieces can be developed specifically for the audition.  For each piece indicate the production and the process you used to develop the work.  Where applicable, include your research, including notes and any other evidence of process.

   2. In addition to the portfolio, please include either a written statement or a video that includes the following:

  • Your name (First and Last)

  • Your CURRENT grade level

  • Your AREA(s) of interest in Technical Theatre (It's ok to have more than one!)

  • Your EXPERIENCE in Technical Theatre (classes, productions, etc.)

  • Your REASONS for wanting to major in technical theatre.  Why do you want to study tech?

  • What STRENGTHS do you bring to the technical theatre program?


Areas of assessment will include:

  • Skills and Technical Knowledge

  • Capacity and Potential

  • Understanding and articulation of Process

  • Understanding and articulation of area(s) of interest



Please upload your Technical Theatre Portfolio pieces to a Google Drive or DropBox Folder.  Ensure the settings on your portfolio folder are set so that Anyone with the Link can view the contents.

If you choose to  submit a video statement, please upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo.

If you use YouTube, please upload the video as Unlisted to protect your student’s privacy. 

If you use Vimeo, please secure it with a password.  We will need access to this password to view your submission.

Please click here to return to the application page: 

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