A formal audition is required for admission into the SDSCPA Dance Program.

The Dance Department’s curriculum features a rigorous scope and sequence with foundations in classical ballet and modern dance. Previous ballet training is not a requirement for entrance, however the high school program is competitive, and some formal ballet training is suggested. 

What To Expect During Dance Auditions

The audition will consist of a ballet barre and modern centered exercises performed in a group setting. Dancers will perform a prepared solo when auditioning for the high school program. A demonstration of potential, passion, professionalism, and artistry is essential.


What To Bring To The Audition

Arrive in proper dance attire. Leotards and tights are preferred, however, form-fitting workout wear and jazz pants are acceptable. Appropriate footwear is required:  Ballet slippers, pointe shoes (if applicable) and bare feet for modern. Hair must be pulled back and securely fastened. No jewelry, gum or baggy clothing is allowed.   If you are in need of any of the above listed dance attire items, please speak with the audition panel as soon as you arrive to make adequate arrangements prior to the start of the audition.


How to prepare a Solo for High School Audition

The solo is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your passion and talent for dance. Prepare a solo demonstrating and highlighting the best of your dance abilities in any dance style of your choosing.  The solo must be a minimum of thirty seconds and a maximum of one minute in length. Music choices should be professional (language, lyrics, etc.). Bring your music on IPOD or Cell Phone with you to the audition. Please download the music beforehand, we cannot guarantee WIFI access for streaming purposes. 



Students will be evaluated based on the following areas of assessment:

  • Skills/Technical Knowledge: Body Alignment, Technical Dance Skills

  • Capacity/Potential: Focus, Response to material and feedback

  • Professionalism/Presentation: Effort, Preparedness

  • Artistry/Musicality: Energy, Confidence, Rhythm and Expression


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