Creative Writing Online Audition Requirements

The Creative Writing Department is looking for students whose passion is in writing.  Students may demonstrate a talent in one form or a variety of forms (scriptwriting, poetry, fiction, nonfiction).

Choose and/or complete works for your portfolio. Portfolios should follow the following formatting requirements:

  • You must supply a PDF of each of the following documents: 1) Statement of Purpose, 2) Scriptwriting sample, 3) Fiction sample, 4) Nonfiction sample, 5) Poetry sample

  • All works must be typed. 12-point font. Arial or Times New Roman typeface or the equivalent (however, the Scriptwriting sample should be in Courier font to meet industry expectations)

  • Clearly label EACH piece with the following heading information: your full name, the date the work was produced, and the type of submission (e.g."Statement of Purpose" or "Fiction")

  • Each piece should have a creative, unique title that is centered after the heading

  • Each piece should use the appropriate formatting for that form (e.g. indentation for paragraphs or dialogue in scripts formatted correctly). You do not need to double space.

  • Each piece should be generally free of grammar and mechanical issues. Portfolios that show severe problems with grammar and mechanics will not pass.

The portfolio should include:
1. Statement of Purpose
  • Write a two-paragraph statement of purpose that explains why you want to be a Creative Writing Major and what you like about writing. Explain why you think SDSCPA is the place for you to develop and grow as a writer.

2. Script Writing Sample
  • Provide an example of script writing (play or film) using accurate script writing conventions (e.g. formatting of scene, directions, and dialogue). Your script may be an excerpt or a whole work. Please limit your script submission to no more than four typed pages. Please note that scripts should be in Courier font (although for this audition, you will not be penalized for using Times New Roman/Arial or equivalent font).

3. Fiction Sample
  • Provide an example of fiction. Fiction pieces can be any genre. Please limit your fiction submission to no more than four typed pages.

4. Nonfiction Sample
  • Provide an example of nonfiction. Non-fiction pieces can be any topic and can be a work written for a class assignment. Please limit your non-fiction submission to no more than four typed pages.

5. Poetry Sample
  • Provide an example of a poem. Your poem can be lyrical or narrative and be in any format (sonnet, villanelle, haiku, ballad free verse, etc). Please limit your poem to no more than three typed pages.

The On Demand Writing Sample
  • Once the application opens, you will have an on-demand free-write. We are looking for no more than 100-300 words of your accuracy, inventiveness, and craftsmanship on the spot as a writer. This is not to be a polished work that you copy and paste, but instead something you write on demand in the box provided. A picture will be provided as inspiration, but you do not have to write about the picture. Feel free to write about any topic you desire.

Areas of assessment will include:

Accuracy of writing form and style, Inventiveness of ideas and style, and overall craftsmanship of writing.


Please upload your Creative Writing portfolio pieces to a Google Drive or DropBox Folder.  Ensure the settings on your portfolio folder are set so that Anyone with the Link can view the contents.

If you do not have sufficient technology needed to submit an online audition, please email to inquire about audition alternatives.

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