How to Prepare for the Audition

Your audition material (monologue) is a key component of your audition.  Well in advance of the audition, you should select and prepare your monologue.  You may choose a monologue from any published play.  When selecting and preparing audition material please keep the following in mind:

  • Monologue should be age appropriate

  • Monologue must be from a published play

  • READ the play, or at least be familiar with the story

  • Rehearse! Rehearse! Rehearse!

  • We are looking for bold, creative and honest choices that are supported by the text.

  • Mark your text to indicate beats, objectives, obstacles and any other work that demonstrates your preparation.  Be prepared to talk about this work.


What to Bring to the Audition

On the day of your audition remember to bring:

  • A personally notated copy of your monologue for the audition panel that clearly demonstrates your acting choices and preparation.  This could include character back story, blocking, beat work, objectives, obstacles, tactics, etc.  We want to see how you have prepared the monologue beyond memorization.  If any cuts have been made - please note them.

  • Your most professional, enthusiastic, and creative self


What to Expect During the Audition

Remember that the audition panel is on your side.  They will be looking for your best qualities.  All of them have gone through the audition process as actors and they understand how nerve wracking the process can be.  So relax and do your best.  Also, the best way to combat nerves is to be prepared.


The audition will include:

  • Presentation of a one to two minute memorized monologue (from a published play).

  • Participation in an acting activity or adjustment to your piece (no preparation necessary)

  • A conversation about the preparation of your work.


Students will be evaluated individually.  Areas of assessment will include:

  • Choices

  • Physical Expression

  • Vocal Expression

  • Text/Sub Text

  • Overall Impact

  • Adjustment

  • Ability to receive feedback/constructive criticism


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