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Students with a passion for the Arts are invited to apply during our annual Fall and Spring Audition windows.
The audition windows for the 2023-2024 school year have closed.
If you are considering SDSCPA, complete the interest form below as an important first step.  This will give SDSCPA an opportunity to learn about your interest in the Arts, and send you relevant audition and admission information as it becomes available.
All San Diego County Students are welcome and encouraged to apply.
Thank you!


Each SDSCPA Art Form has different audition requirements.  Find your passion, and check them out!
If you have any questions about an audition requirement, please feel free to reach out.

2023-2024 Audition Requirements
Incoming 8th Grade Students audition with High School Requirements

Creative Arts Track
Performing Arts Track
Creative Writing
Music: Band
Music: Jazz
Music: Orchestra
Music: Vocal Arts
Technical Design & Production
Theatre: Acting
Theatre; Musical Theatre
Visual & Media Arts: Fine Art
Visual & Media Arts: Digital Media

Tour Our

"This school is different, and when you set foot on our campus, you will feel it. Each day we create a learning environment united by a passion for the transformative nature of the arts and inspired by opportunities to provide the depth, rigor, and intensity of artistic and academic instruction in preparation for post-secondary opportunities—whether pre-conservatory or university. It is a school excited by the artistic and scholarly processes of inquiry, discovery, and creation as each day we weave artistic and scholarly discourse using the universal language of art."

Timothy E. Farson

Principal, San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts

Experience SDSCPA!  Tours are given twice a month (weather permitting) during the school year.  Please check our schedule and reserve your seat!

The Audition Process

The audition process is an objective evaluation of a student’s skill, passion, and potential to complete scope and sequence in their program of study and reach a level of proficiency to allow the student to be competitive for an audition or portfolio review for the post-secondary.

All students must audition. While we are not able to make changes to the audition rubric and evaluation process, we are able to accommodate any unique need your student may require to help facilitate their success.

Please be aware that not all Specialized Academic Settings are provided at SDSCPA.  If you have questions regarding the Specialized Settings, please contact SDSCPA prior to enrollment.

Do you have additional questions? 
Email us at:

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